8 Fun Things to Do on a Rainy Day

Now that April is here, April showers are likely to storm in full gusto. If you’re like most, rainy days mean sleeping in, avoiding the outdoors like you avoid your mom’s phone calls (we all do it), and dreary thoughts of plans ruined. Instead of looking at the rain as a negative, use rainy days as an opportunity to take part in these playful activities or take those day trips that have been on the back burner and are bound to lift your spirits and your kids’– right up until the sun shines again.

Have a Game Day: With computers, video games, and smart phones sweeping the scene, board games tend to take a back seat, but we say take advantage of a rainy day by having a game day, complete with all of your favorite board games.


Color Your World: Sure, rainy days are associated with grey skies and gloomy attitudes, but why not flip that, and color your world with these Spring coloring pages? These printable coloring pages can provide hours of fun as your kids color them in and then create a story to go along with them.

rainy day printable coloring pages

Have a Bake-Off: There’s no better time to spend in the kitchen than a rainy day, and kids love getting their hands dirty while baking (and licking the bowl, let’s be honest). Use a rainy day as an excuse to bake goodies for your child’s class or to bring to a local food pantry, or cook a big, healthy dinner for your family that night. Your kids can be your personal sous chef and help you mix a salad or bring you ingredients from the fridge and pantry. Bonus points: kids are more likely to eat dishes they helped to make, so getting them to eat their veggies should be no sweat.


Singing in the Rain: We so often forget, rain is just water! Grab your rain coat, boots, and umbrellas and get out and play! There’s no harm in splashing in some puddles while singing in the rain– and the hot cocoa you warm up with after is all-the-more delicious. To help you get in the singing spirit, we’ve even created a rainy day playlist for you:

In-House Scavenger Hunt: In preparation for rainy days, make a scavenger hunt list composed of all of items that can be found within your home. When rain pours, break out the list and have your kids hunt for objects. You can even get some chores done while they eagerly search the house, knowing they’re set with hours of entertainment. For inspiration, download our scavenger hunt checklist or make your own.

rainy day scavenger hunt checklist

Have a Hula Party: If you have enough open space in your house, bring the hula hoops inside, and have a hula party. Blast music, grab the hoops, and see who can keep it going longer.

Visit a New Museum: Museums often fall to the back of the bucket list, but a rainy day is the perfect time to to check one off. Research and find a local museum your kids have never been to, and use the next rainy day as an opportunity to check it out.

Visit a Book Store: When was the last time you took your kids to a book store? Tell your kids they can pick out one new book, but they must look through least 15 books before deciding. This way, they will spend some time reading– the perfect rainy day activity!


So the next time it rains, don’t sing the rainy day blues! Not enough options? Check out these indoor activities for more endless rainy day fun. Print out our kids coloring pages, get your bake-on, and embrace Spring– because May flowers are not too far away!

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