Apple Blossoms Craft

It’s finally apple blossom season – when apple trees begin to bloom and fresh, delicious apples that are used to make GoGo squeeZ applesauce on the go start to bloom. In honor of this special time of year, bring these blooming trees into your own home with this craft. Check it out:


You will need:

  • 3 pieces of white construction paper taped together the long way
  • brown/black paint or a sharpie to draw in the branches
  • pink paint (you can mix red and white together to make pink paint)
  • paper plate
  • a used 2 liter soda bottle



1. Using your sharpie or brown paint, draw branches as shown where your cherry blossoms will stem out from.


2. Place a large squirt of pink paint onto a paper plate, and dunk the bottom of your used soda bottle into the paint and then dab it where you’d like a cherry blossom to appear.


3. Repeat step two each place you’d like a cherry blossom to be then leave to dry until paint is no longer wet to touch.

Did you try our craft? Snap a photo, and send us your creations to [email protected].

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  1. lois lenninger says

    Looks exciting and beautiful also simple to make who would ever guess something that just get tossed in recyclable bin could create such pretty crafts count me in for sure

    September 7, 2015 at 9:34 am
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