50 Ways to Say “I Love You”

Ahh,Valentine’s Day; love is in the air. Tell your special someone how much you love them this Valentine’s Day, and if “I love you” doesn’t seem creative enough for you this Valentine’s Day, here are 50 original ways to tell your special someone that they mean the world to you.

1. Say I love you in different languages:

50 Ways to Say I Love You Infographic

* French (“Je t’aime” / pronounced: Juh-Tem)
* Italian (“Ti Amo” / pronounced: Tea-Ahmo)
* Spanish (“Te Amo” / pronounced: Tay-Ahmo)
* Chinese (“Wo Ie Ni” / pronounced: Woah-Eye-Nigh)
* German (“Ich Liebe Dich” / pronounced: Ick-Lee-Bah-Dik)
* Japanese (“Aishiteru” / pronounced: Aye-Shee-Ter-U

2. Find a song that has meaning to both of you. It doesn’t have to be a love song. Play it over dinner or, if you’re feeling brave (liquid courage optional), find a karaoke track, and serenade your special someone.

3. Find a large rock. Write your message in a permanent marker on the rock. When you deliver it, tell your Valentine, “You Rock My World.”

4. Make a sacrifice for your special someone. Does he/she hate when you’re texting during dinner? Or perhaps, someone is addicted to a certain video game? Break your bad habits for the day (and maybe try for longer)?

5. Give your Valentine a fan… because love is in the air. Get it?!

6. Hide silly or uplifting, or romantic messages in places your guy/gal wouldn’t expect them – a jacket pocket, a lunch bag, a cell phone case, a briefcase. Go a step further by asking co-workers to help you hide additional notes around his/her desk.

Love Note in Pocket

7. Buy a dictionary and highlight all of the words that convey how you feel about your special someone… well, the positive ones, of course.

8. Leave a voice memo on your Valentine’s phone. Send them a text or email during the day asking them to check for new recordings. If you’re really ambitious, label different messages for various times of the day.

9. Snuggle. Spoon. Smooch.

10. Put a positive spin on eating your feelings, and spell out how you feel with food. Try CheeriosSpaghetti O’s or Alpha-Bits, and then snap a pic to show your Valentine.

I Love You in Cereal

11. Spice things up in the kitchen by cooking dinner together. Put on sensual music, light some candles and watch the temperature rise.

12. Frame a special photograph of the two of you from the past year. Turn your photo op into a work of art by upgrading to a canvas print.

13. Be spontaneous and plan something unexpected for your guy/gal. Does he/she have a favorite food? Favorite activity? Favorite hangout spot? Make it happen!

14. Carve your names or initials in a tree in your backyard. Snap a picture of the inscription. (Consider revisiting your carving for future holidays or anniversaries – then and now pics of your initials).

15. Dial your special someone’s number at a random time of day for no reason. Call just to say hello and let him/her know you were thinking of them.

16. Take the first shower of the day and write a message on the bathroom mirrors. When you leave the bathroom, your message will remain for your sweetie.

17. Enclose a message in a bottle.

18. Call your local radio station and dedicate a song to your guy/gal. Choose a song that has special significance to both of you.

19. Head to your local “Paint Your Own Pottery” shop. Using paints, stencils and stamps – create a work of art on mugs, plates, bowls and more for your Valentine. Bonus points if you can serve part of your home-cooked Valentine’s Day dinner with it.

Paint Pottery

20. Use a toast stamper to leave your mark on his/her breakfast.

21. Skype your special someone during the day. Let him/her know you just wanted to see his/her face during the day… just not during their meeting with the boss.

22. Before your Valentine leaves for the day, leave a life sized love note on the windshield of his/her car. Consider poster board so he/she can keep the message.

23. Deliver a single beautiful flower for your “One and Only.”

24. Visit a custom apparel website and create a personalized t-shirt for your Valentine.

25. Instead of a traditional flower arrangement, consider a fruit arrangement that looks like flowers from Edible Arrangements.

DIY edible arrangements

26. Take a note from the last millennium and head to the post office and send a Valentine’s Day card via good ole’ fashioned snail mail.

27. Put together a collage, illustrating the big and small moments that represent your love.

28. Attach a note to a jar of honey that reads, “You Are My Honey.”

29. Design “Love Coupons” with offers that your Valentine will enjoy – whether it’s a date night, breakfast in bed, car wash, back massage or more.

Love Coupons

30. Relive your first date together.

31. Create a soundtrack to your relationship by putting together a Mix Tape, CD or Playlist. Check out some of the GoGo Gang’s favorite love songs here:

32. Compose an epic, handwritten love letter to your beloved. 

33. Go the extra mile with your Valentine. Literally. Go for a run together.

34. Slice watermelon and cut out a heart shape in the center of the slice (using a cookie cutter). Place the slice on a paper plate and write “you” in the heart cut out.

35. Etch your names in the sand at your local beach. Take your Valentine for a walk around sunset to see your sand art.

36. Create your own jigsaw puzzle, which reveals a surprise message to your special someone. Go old school by cutting up pieces of cardboard. Or, for a more high tech experience, consider a Jigsaw Puzzle app that lets you use your own images.

37. Learn how to say “I love you” and other words of endearment in sign language.

38. Order personalized M&M’s ® with your name on one side and your Valentine’s name on the other.

Personalized M&M's

39. Put an old-fashioned key in a gift box. Deliver it as “the key to your heart.”

40. Create your own word games with clues about your lives together.

41. Dedicate a love-inspired book to your Valentine inside the front cover, for example, “Guess How Much I Love You,” by Sam McBratney.

42. Bake cookies in the shape of hearts. Use a frosting pen to personalize messages, write your names or anniversary dates.

43. Put a bag of Riesens chocolate caramel candies in a jar with a note “There Are So Many Riesens I Love You.”

44. Buy a message bean plant. When the bean blooms, so will your love!

45. Frame a map with the inscription, “I Am Lost Without You.”

46. Show your special someone that they mean the sun, moon, and stars to you. Name a star after them.

47. Light some candles, pull down the covers, grab your body oils, and get touchy feely as a masseuse. Learn easy massage techniques here.

48. Hole punch 366 index cards, and write a message of love for each day of the year. Use the last card as a cover page. Bind the cards with festive ribbon.

49. Label 12 envelopes with each month from March until next February. Put a pre-planned date night idea into each envelope for a year of romantic evenings.

Date Night Envelopes

50. Just say, “I Love You,” and mean it.

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  1. Kimberly Strait says

    I like the 50ways to say I love you. they were good ideas.

    June 6, 2014 at 6:24 pm
  2. Michele says

    I second the “fairy tales” idea! Also: music/dance; beach; albhpaet/numbers. And maybe some equipment-based ones, like “using a rice/egg mold”, or using a cutter for something other than its intended shape? (eg a heart shape can make a mouse face, ladybug or strawberry)

    December 2, 2014 at 8:10 pm
  3. Okan says

    I love those ideas – maybe a “seasonal” bento theme based on the summer that only incledus seasonal food or alternatives to egg-sheets and such? I would love to see a totally vegan theme, as well! ^.~

    December 4, 2014 at 8:00 am
  4. abigail says

    the cards are cute

    December 21, 2014 at 12:42 pm
  5. Angel Morris says

    The first thing that said “I love you” in different languages was wrong. I love you in Chinese I Wo ai ni. Not Wo ie ni

    December 19, 2015 at 10:17 am
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